It's like a never ending story with Katt Williams.  He's had an eventful year and topping off the new year, with a new line of arrests. 

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Suge knight-Getty Images

As of late, Katt has surrounded himself with some controversial company.  For starters, former Death Row CEO Marion Suge Knight is now Katt's tour manager.  Katt didn't need any help getting himself into trouble, but over the last few months his irate and violent behavior has increased.  Speaking of which TMZ released a video starring the 41-year old comedian and Suge Knight at the tail end of a brawl that took place in at a Hollywood club late last week.


For for info on the fight and why family services is in his life, listen to Tha Wire below. In the meantime Young Money MC Tyga shouldn't be short of funds, however he's being sued for charging months worth of charges on a mans credit card. The man was apparently working for Tyga as his accountant and gave Tyga his credit card to use on tour. That turned out to be a mistake. Get the lowdown on that, below.

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In other news, A$AP Rocky has some legal problems of his own. He's also at the center of a lawsuit, where he's being sued for beating up a man in a clothing store.  The un-named man claims Rocky jumped on him after he caught the rapper getting high in the store.  Get all of today's juicy details.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now.