If you thought Black Friday was a madhouse at your local shopping mall, you aint seen nothing yet. Statistically the Saturday before Christmas is the biggest shopping day of the year. The reason is really quite simple.

On Black Friday it's mainly the female of the species out looking for bargains. On the Saturday before Christmas you have that same lady still looking to save money and  you have the motivated man desperately trying to remember just who he has to buy for.

Despite what history tells us one LSU Marketing Professor, Dan Rice, doesn't think Super Saturday will be quite as hectic as Black Friday.

Even with the influence of online shopping, Black Friday is still a huge in-store day. It'll be a big day tomorrow, but won't reach those numbers.

In Rice's remarks to the Louisiana Radio Network he went on to say that this is good news for the last minute shopper. While the crowds will be plentiful the mad crush for bargains won't be nearly as bad as the day after Thanksgiving.

Many retailers have put their final markdowns on items and sales have been in place for a few days so the mad rush probably won't materialize.  Online shopping has taken some of the crowds out of the malls but in the  final week before Christmas the traditional brick and mortar shopping venue becomes more popular with consumers.

Most reports indicate that consumers are actually spending less money this holiday season than in the past but purchasing more and more items.

Potentially people are becoming a little more savvy with the way they are spending their money. They are impacting on a dollar basis, but not a number of purchase basis.

Regardless, the weather around the state will be cool and feel like Christmas so that should be most shoppers in a holly jolly mood to  put a jingle jingle into local retailers pockets.

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