Have you ever had a do-it-yourself project that you just kept putting off? It's just a little thing in the beginning but because you waited and waited to actually do the job it has changed in scope and size. What was once a few hours of elbow grease and maybe some parts from the hardware store now requires a professional craftsman to complete.

Such is the story of Louisiana's roads, bridges, and highways. I am going to let you in on a little secret. Our roads are not the worst in the nation. They are close to being the worst in the nation but not quite. The fact that we are sitting on our hands and not doing anything to repair the infrastructure is costing you and me billions of dollars every year.

Currently, the state legislature is contemplating adding an additional tax on every gallon of gasoline sold in the state. This tax would provide the funding needed to begin the construction on some $700 million dollars of backlogged roadwork across the state.

Hmm, a tax on gas? Why should I have to pay for roads that I may or may not use?

Well, the deplorable conditions of many of our roads,  highways, and bridges is already costing you money. According to a new survey by TRIP, a national transportation research group, Louisiana drivers are already paying $6.5 billion annually in higher insurance, car repairs, traffic congestion, and lost time.

I guess the questions that are posed to you and I are these Is it better to let our infrastructure decay into a state of total uselessness? is it worth keeping extra money in our pocket to pay for those added repairs and other costs of driving on really bad roadways? Should we go ahead and increase the taxes to fix the roads? If we provide the state with the funding will they actually use the money to fix the roads?

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