The funeral services for Slim Dunkin were held this past Friday after the up-n-coming rapper was murdered in a Atlanta studio over a piece of candy the week before.  The murder has been under heavy investigation ever since it happened.  Police were pleading to the public for any leads and specifically to the more than 30 people present at the time Slim was shot.  Now, authorities have a break in the case and have officially named a suspect.

2011 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

The night started off good, but somehow things went south and lead to Tyler The Creator being arrested.  The 20 year old MTV moon man winner was performing at a legendary Hollywood venue this past Friday and some how got himself arrested for allegedly trashing the clubs sound equipment.  Press play to get the scoop and find out how his mother and fans reacted to his arrest.

39th International Emmy Awards - Press Room

Some lucky monster shelled out $30,000 for a naked sketch of Lady Gaga which was recently put up for auction on eBay.  The charcoal sketch was drawn by Tony Bennett and portions of the proceeds will go towards Gaga's Born This Way Foundation which works to elevate self-esteem in youth.  In other Gaga news, she's being sued by a former assistant who claims she owes them for unpaid overtime.

Plus,Nelly is being sued by American Express for not paying his bill and Flavor Flav is launching his own brand of Vodka.  Press play now for the scoop, skinny, mess and drama.  Listen to Tha Wire now:


Janet Jackson Performs At The Greek Theatre

Peta has named Janet Jackson their Grinch Of The Year.  Though J.J. is inspiring people to be healthier by being on the NutriSystem, animal rights activists aren't feeling inspired.  So, what's the deal?  Janet has been given the 2011 "Grinch Of The Year" by Peta because of choice to wear animal products like leather and fur.  Speaking of fur, Peta is livid with her because she teamed up with the luxury fur brand Blackglama for her own fashion line to create some unique fur pieces.

Peta spokeswoman Wendy Wegner said, "While the holidays may be known as the season of giving and peace on earth, that's not always the case for our animal friends.  When Janet Jackson had her infamous wardrobe malfunction during Super Bowl XXXVII, at least what popped into view of 170 million onlookers belonged to her, unlike the animal skins she drapes herself in, which are as dead as her fashion taste and her career."

Wow!  Sounds like she's gotta a little Grinch spirit going on herself.  I guess it's safe to say, she doesn't care for Janet to much.  LOL!

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