Today in Tha Wire the 20th anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.'s death is tomorrow and oddly enough the SUV he was killed in, was just put up for auction.  Christopher Wallace was murdered in L.A. on March 9, 1997.  He was shot four times sitting in the passenger seat of his green GMC Suburban, while stopped at a red light.  He was only 24 years old at the time.  The rap legend was in Cali to receive an award at the 1997 Soul Train Music Awards, promote his second and final album Life After Death, and to film the video for album's first single "Hypnotize."

Biggie was killed two months before his 25th birthday.  If he was still with us he would be 45-years old, and more than likely still at the top of the charts.  Since his untimely death his music remains relevant in the world of Hip Hop and his memorabilia continues to bring big dollars for auctioneers and private collectors.  Speaking of which memorabilia sellers, Moments in Time, announced they are selling the late rapper's SUV for $1.5 million.

You'll never guess where it's been all this time.  Story goes an unknown woman bought Biggie's SUV, 6 months after he was killed in it, around October 1997 at a public auction. Evidently when authorities finished B.I.G.'s murder investigation they replaced the bullet riddled door, refurbished the SUV and then sold it.   Apparently the woman had no idea who the previous owner was, or any knowledge of the vehicles dark past.

According to reports eight years later, in 2005, the woman was contacted by LAPD detectives about using it as evidence again.  That's when she found out the vehicle's history, but she didn't get rid of it.  The woman drove her family of six around in Biggie's old Suburban for next 20-years, logging about 114,000 miles on it.  Now... she's ready to sell the famous GMC, hoping to cash-in on it's creepy past.  By the way, it's being reported that once the SUV's sold they'd be happy to put the original door back on it.

If that's not enough the 750IL BMW Tupac was murdered in, is also being put up for auction!  In 1996 ‘Pac was 25-years old when he was shot to death in the cars passenger seat, leaving a Tyson fight in Las Vegas.  The vehicle was impounded following his death and has changed owners several times since then.  It just so happens that Moments in Time auction owns the rights to the sale that car as well, and looking to sell the whip for $1.5 million as well.

Who knew there was a market for this type of stuff?  This is a little too creepy for me...



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