Craig Mack came on the scene back in 1994 with one of the hottest records of that year. The song was called "Flava In Ya Ear", it had the radios blazing all over the world and introduced us to a lyrical assassin who seemed to come from no where. This was also the first time hearing about the label Bad Boy Records and another artist by the name of Notorious B.I.G.

The label would eventually be etched in stone as one of the biggest record labels out there and Craig would eventually release an album called "Project Funk Da World", this featured "Get Down" and others. He would eventually leave Bad Boy and music all together and many wondered what happened to him. Unfortunately today the word comes that he has passed away. While early reports are saying it was due to Heart Failure, it's sad that we lost another voice from the hip hop community that I grew up with.

Last year Diddy decided to do a Bad Boy Reunion and got a lot of the artist back together again to hit the road and rehash old memories. While their was documentary where they tried to persuade Craig to become apart of the tour, he unfortunately declined and we will never get the chance to see him hit the stage again. There are to many artist and celebrities who are dying at such an early age and it seems due to poor health.

I am not a heath guru, but  I know  that we have to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves around for our families and loved ones. He will be remembered as someone who hit the scene and created his own lane. Check out some of the classic videos from the Mackster below. Our prayers go out to the family, friends and loved ones of Craig Mack.

Craig Mack- "Flava In Ya Ear":

Craig Mack- "Making Moves with Puff":


Craig Mack- "Jockin My Style":

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