My homie's from "The Gulf Coast Cartel," are making some serious moves lately, traveling the country making connections and broadening their horizons on a fast track to making a name for themselves in the larger spectrum of hip hop, not just in SWLA. Find out what the trio is up to, what they are working on, who they are working with, and when their album will be released. Also, check out the new single's, "Money Already Made" ft. Slim Thug, E.S.G. & Bun B, as well as their second single "Bandz!"

The GULF COA$T CARTEL (G.C.C.) is poised to be the NEXT BIG hip hop group to venture off the Louisiana coast. The group has been promoting the new single, “Money Already Made,” feat. Bun B and Slim Thug, to radio for only a short time, but it is already on the radar of major labels! The G.C.C. also has a club banger, “Bandz” that has gained wide acceptance nationally! Together, Beanie, Melo, and Microwave Boy, of the GULF COA$T CARTEL, have muscled-up a lifetime’s worth of experience in honing their lyrical skills and creativity. Beanie represents “The Youth,” Melo represents “The Seasoned.” And Microwave Boy is “The C.E.O.” Unified, The GULF COA$T CARTEL is a depiction of much of what life is about: energy, experience, and profession.

The GULF COA$T CARTEL is geared-up for their radio tour, visiting many key markets, where their smash hits, “Money Already Made,” and “Bandz,” have impacted – the tour will cover much of the southeastern-board of the U.S. The radio tour is sponsored by Power Moves Entertainment. The expectation from the GULF COA$T CARTEL is a series of dynamic music filled with Louisiana and southwestern NEW FIRE.

The G.C.C. has opened shows for many large acts in hip-hop and are now ready to take the center stage as headliners, with their new album, GULF COA$T CARTEL and new leading singles, “Money Already Made” and “Bandz!” The album and singles are presented by PM Entertainment. The world should prepare to set sail into the future of hip hop with THE GULF COA$T CARTEL!

Check out their new single's below, "Money Already Made" and "Bandz."

Gulf Coast Cartel
Gulf Coast Cartel


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