Where do I start? I have known this guy for some years. Melo Montana of the group Gulf Coast Cartel (G.C.C) has been on the music move for several years now. They have worked with some of the hottest artists from down south including Big Pokey, E.S.G, and others with production from everyone including Platinum producer Mr. Phat and Sean "Solo" Jeminson. Melo has several businesses that he currently owns and is also helping to keep the name of DJ Screw alive while working with Screwed Up Records and Tapes in Houston.

One listen to the music of Melo Montana or G.C.C, and you will hear the influence in the music and unlike some people, they truly represent the spirit of DJ Screw and pay homage with their music. Recently Melo Montana released a new single from his "Fa Da Culture" which features various songs with Melo and other artists. Here's the first release from the album "Chinchilla Fresh"

I was also lucky enough to be featured in a movie that Melo was behind called "The First 48". I appreciate that opportunity. Make sure you are on the lookout for more new music to come from the G.C.C camp, and I also hear that there may be a follow-up to "The First 48" coming soon. Check out another joint that got major views and support. This is the video for "Lovely Day" featuring E.S.G and Billy Cook.

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