Rapper T.I. might be a family man, but he’ll still turn up for some gangsta s*** if need be. A touchy feely male fan found out the hard way at a recent concert, that the “King of the South” isn’t the one to play with, or to be groped.

Tip was performing “Whatever You Like” and working the crowd when you can see the male fan put his hand on the rappers right butt cheek. He went to the fan immediately as the music stopped and you can hear him scolding the man “Don’t you ever put your muthaf**king hands on my a** again,” said T.I. “What the f*** wrong with you, my n****?”

Would I have went off too? Yes. I certainly don’t want a man touching my butt, and I’m also not into women touching my butt either. I don’t like it either way.

The male fan seemed apologetic as he was being scolded by the “Sleepless” co-star. I’m just happy T.I. didn’t put hands on the man, even though he did later use the microphone to deliver a stern warning to the man that he would beat his a**, which was met with much audience reaction.

Jamie Foxx stars in “Sleepless,” in theaters now, and it co-stars T.I.

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