T.I.'s 10 year contract with Atlantic Records has run out, and now the Atlanta Rapper/Mogul and his Grand Hustle team is looking for a check from the highest bidder. Also watch his latest interview with talk show host Chelsea Lately.

According to reports several major labels are looking to negotiate with T.I.. Jay -Z is vying to have him at Roc Nation, Dr. Dre at Interscope, and there is an reported $50 million dollar deal on the table from Sony Records and Universal Records is expected to make an offer as well.

Aside from T.I.'s direct deal, there are several incentives that come with what he's asking, including: 3 albums, 10-20 percent of publishing, touring, merchandise, film and TV rights., Corporate endorsement deals and exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artists". - TMZ.com

Watch T.I.’s most recent interview with Chelsea Lately, where she tell’s him, “She hasn’t had a black guy in a while” and they talk about T.I.’s upcoming role as a hitman in a new comedy.

Check out T.I.'s latest hit "Ball" featuring Lil Wayne.

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