T.I. has just dropped visuals for "Black Man" featuring Quavo, Meek Mill, and RaRa from his freshly released politically-charged EP, Us or Else

In the black and white video, directed by Visual Authority Media, the four rappers question why they're unfairly targeted by the cops and society at large, simply for being black men. The video starts with Quavo being pulled over for no reason, rapping about being unjustly harassed by the cops, while for Meek's verse, he shows up rapping in a funeral home while black women mourn.

"Police see I got my hands up, still wanna kill me/They don't understand us, they be looking for a reason just to shoot me/And wanna do me how they do us in the movies/Or how they do it out in Baton Rouge/Or Ferguson, or Florida, or Baltimore, they make excuses," Tip raps on his verse.

T.I.'s 6-track EP, Us or Else, that finds him airing out his frustrations about the disenfranchisement of black people on wax. He says it was written in response to,“the repeated deaths of unarmed black citizens at the hands of police.”

Both the EP and the new video for "Black Man" are available on Tidal. Watch the video below.

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