T.I. and his management team are being sued by a promotion company for backing out of performing at high school graduation party in May. The Atlanta rhymer was hit with a $390,000 lawsuit by Planet Productions, according to TMZ. The company’s CEO, Gigi Stetler, confirmed to Billboard that the suit is legit.

Stetler claims to have spent over $10,000 a day marketing and promoting T.I.’s appearance for the June 11 show. However, Tip pulled out of the performance. The promoters are seeking $300,000 for marketing and licensing costs as well as $90,000 they paid to book the rapper.

Back in May, Planet Productions initially demanded a $55,000 refund from T.I. following the fatal shooting at New York’s Irving Plaza involving Troy Ave. T.I., who was not involved in the shooting, was scheduled to perform.

After the New York shooting, the promoters felt that T.I. wouldn’t be an appropriate music act for their show. Planet Productions reportedly sent T.I. a legal notice stating that “due to the shooting, the quality of the Talents services is not satisfactory to our Client.”

"We had growing concerns from parents about security at the Planet Graduation campus," said Gigi Stetler who asked representatives for T.I. to provide extra security but her request went unnoticed. "Without additional security, the town doesn't have the manpower, so we're scrambling now to find a sufficient replacement."

Attorneys for T.I. had no comment on the matter.

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