Chris Tucker

The 10 Funniest Classic Black Comedies
There are tons of hilarious Black movies. They’ve made three of the Barbershop movies, Kevin Hart can’t seem to stay out of theaters, and we could rattle off an endless array of Eddie Murphy quotes from films. But what are the best? What are the movies that you can’t go to any B…
Win Passes to See Chris Tucker Live
This Saturday Chris Tucker will be live at the Ford Park arena in Beaumont for the highly anticipated tour that all of his fans have been waiting on. We will be giving you two chances throughout the day to win tickets for two to see him.
Chris Tucker + New 'Friday' Film?
Everyone from Ice Cube to John Witherspoon has talked about Friday coming back for a finale. They have all individually talked about whether Chris Tucker would return or not. Check out our friend Sway as he interviews Chris Tucker and what it would take for him to return as the character Smokey.
NWA Biopic in the Works?
Video and Movie Director F Gary Gray is interviewed on the red carpet for the "Ride Along" movie with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. The interviewer talks to him about his work with the new NWA movie and also his potential work on the "Last Friday" movie.

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