20 Best R&B Albums of 1992
1992 was an impactful and important year in R&B. So we decided to rank our favorite R&B albums from the year Bill Clinton was elected, 'Martin' debuted on FOX and the L.A. riots exploded.
SWV Debuts New Video… Check It Out [Video]
You been hearing the new single on the radio and calling us saying that sounds like SWV, well it is. The girls have gotten back together to drop the new single called "Co Sign" and they haven't missed a beat!
SWV Is Back!!!! [VIDEO]
I'm pleased to say that one of my all time favorite girl groups is back!  SWV has returned with a new single, forth coming album and joining the monstrous line-up for the Essence Music Festival.  I guess we should've took a hint when Coco joined Chris for the SWV-Human Nature mix…