PHOTOS: Fan Cut-Outs Arrive In Tiger Stadium
When it was announced that fans of LSU Tiger Football would have the opportunity be in the stands for LSU's first home game via a cardboard cut-out, people were unsure as to how the idea would shape up. Now, we are catching a first glimpse of how these cut-outs look in Tiger Stadium.
LSU Tigers: A Racist Mascot?
Calling it "the most prevalent confederate symbol in the United States", an online petition is demanding LSU change Tigers mascot, claiming it represents white oppression.
Louisiana Goes Gold
Did you know LSU is popular in Louisiana? Seriously, y'all. A new interactive map by the New York Times shows just how much.
Alabama Fan Abuses Passed Out LSU Fan [VIDEO]
After Alabama beat LSU 21-0 in the National Championship, tons of fans flooded Bourbon Street in New Orleans to celebrate.
One LSU fan who was passed out at a restaurant in New Orleans was captured on video being hazed and abused by Alabama fans.  The Alabama fans seen in the video put trash on the p…

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