Tameka “Tiny” Harris hasn't just changed the color of her eyes, she literally has new eyes.  Find out what she did here.

T.I. and Tiny Harris - Getty Images
T.I. and Tiny Harris - Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago Tameka “Tiny” Harris's eyes were brown, the their "ice grey" as she described.  People wear contacts to change the color of their eyes all the time, but TheBoomBox reports, Tiny took it a step further and underwent surgery to permanently change the color of her eyes in Africa.

The 39-year old reality star is catching major flack for the extreme surgery and recently appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ to explain why. One fan wrote, “I see this as a sick act…no doubt, very low self-esteem,” another wrote, “I think she looked better before, but ultimately it is her business, not ours.”

To the naysayers she says of her new eyes, “I looked in the mirror and I was like ‘they’re amazing, I love them,’” she told ‘GMA’. “I just wanted to do something different, and I have the right to do that. It’s my body.”

This is true and hopefully she doesn't pay the cost of infection or loss of sight.  This was an extremely risky surgery, which is why such a surgery is banned here in the U.S.  Dr. James C. Tsai, of New York’s Eye & Ear Infirmary, in Mt, Sinai Hospital, explained the controversial procedure could cause several problems like blurred vision, glaucoma, cataracts, and corneal problems.

What are your thoughts?  Is she puling a little Kim?  Is she becoming addicted to plastic surgery or is this a matter of personal taste?  Let us know what you think.

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