Yesterday was amazing as we got the chance to interview and meet actor John Schneider. He is obviously known as Bo Duke from "The Dukes Of Hazzard" , but he went on to play roles on "Smallville" and other hit tv shows. But the millenials are familiar with him a sJim Cryer from "The Have and Have Nots".

John stopped by today to talk about his latest album that he is working that includes Country and even some southern blues music that shows he's got some major chops. He talked with Gina Cook about his music and his long career in the entertainment world from The Dukes of Hazard til now.

You can also watch the live interview here where John also played a few songs from the album that truly impressed Gina Cook.


Make sure you tune in tonight to check out the latest episode of "Tyler Perry's The Have and Have Nots" and see what's going to be happening between Jim Cryer and some of the other shady business going on with the show.

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