The house committee on criminal justice has blocked a bill allowing teachers or school staff to carry weapons, defeating the measure in committee by a slim 7-9 margin.

Chalmette representative Raymond Garofalo who authored the bill says he’s not requiring teachers to carry weapons, only to carry them after extensive training. He also says gun free zone signs on campuses are invitations to kill. “a gun free zone sign is an invitation to come in and slaughter our children like sheep,” testified Garafalo.

Lawmakers debated more than two hours over the issue.

Representative Barbara Norton openly opposed the measure saying training teachers to prepare to kill someone is wrong. “And my grandchildren who are attending school I think of their teacher with a gun in one hand and a book in the other…were turning schools into the wild wild west,” says Norton D-Shreveport.

New Orleans Representative John Bagnaris also opposed the measure saying it’s up to professional law enforcement people to protect the kids.

“We have an obligation to keep the teachers and children safe but I think one more gun on campus is not a good thing,” says Bagnaris.

Supporters argued that schools are patently un-safe. “But guess what folks right now its lock the door and hope, yes lock the door and home and guess what? That’s not enough folks.” Pat Greshem Parent and retired teacher testified. Her husband Tom also testified

“It’s called the stopwatch of death, time means more lives. What are you asking for when you call 911? You’re asking ‘someone please bring a gun over here,’” says Tom Greshem a parent.

18 states currently have laws on the books that allow teacher’s to carry guns. The Louisiana law is modeled off an Alabama bill that is now law there.

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