After the video went viral on yesterday of Katt Williams and the sucker punch that he gave to this kid. Alot of folks were wondering how it all got started and why Katt did what he did.
While his name is still a mystery. The Daily caught up with the teen and got some answers to questions that we wanted to know.

The sad part about it is the kid appears to be very humble and it seems that it all started from a small disagreement over a soccer game. I can't even imagine someone that is over 40 or 20 that would put there hands on my son without some type of serious discussion or more. But check out the interview below as he details what happen and how he feels about the situation afterwards.


While he appears to be unbothered. I am sure a lawsuit is on the way and rightfully so as Katt is totally out of control. According to TMZ, Katt tells his side of the story as well. I will never understand why celebrities feel they have to always keep it real. Sometimes hanging out men are raised to not back down. Either way someone needs to intervene and get Katt some help whether he feels like he needs it or not.


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