While I am overweight, there is no denying that, I am in the process of working on that as it has been a battle of mine for most of my life. I still have food I love and, every now and then, these are some that I like to indulge in. Obviously, I can't have these things all of the time. However, when the opportunity presents itself, these are my go to dishes when I want to treat myself.

Ten of Erik Tee's Favorite Foods When He Needs to Treat Himself

Now, before all of the health enthusiasts come on the page for me, again, these are not things I eat all of the time. They're simply some of my guilty pleasures. As a matter of fact, I have several associates who are personal trainers and they speak of not depriving yourself of things you like. The key is moderation, as in anything. If you over indulge, it will not be very good for you in the long run.

These past few months have been rather trying for all of us, and sometimes foods like this are known as comfort foods. We have to do something that will help keep our minds occupied and can bring us a little happiness at the same time. While I love my job and work out as much as possible, I am occasionally going to have a slice or two of pizza and maybe a daiquiri. We have to love life and enjoy it for what it is as things don't always last. So, we have to take each day as a blessing and live our best lives.

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