This is absolutely the best time of year to be a sports fan. The NFL season has just kicked off and college football is moving into its second week. I am a college football fan. I love the traditions, the rivalries, and the unexpected moments that have woven the game into the fabric of the American way of life.

One of the best things about college football is the "mild-mannered" trash-talking that goes on between fans of different teams. Here in Louisiana in Baton Rouge, even Governor John Bel Edwards has gotten into the fracas between LSU fans and fans of the Southern University Jaguars.

Y'all better watch the LSU vs Southern game, it's going to be epic for a lot of reasons other than football. But there is another game I will want to see and will kick off in what we of a certain age call "the Jefferson-Pilot" time slot. Hey, if you know, you know.

That's the Alabama versus Texas game which is set for an 11 am kickoff in Austin Texas. The Longhorns are supposed to be pretty good this year. Alabama always seems to be good. But this year Texas fans are feeling a lot more confident in their team. However, one Austin Texas weatherman has lowered the boom on those positive vibes in a single tweet.

Oh. My God. Did Avery Tomasco really do that? He has to work and live in  Austin. Oh wait, Avery is a graduate of Texas A&M, the vaunted rivals of the Texas Longhorns. And this is why college football is the greatest.

No, Avery won't lose his job or probably any viewers over this tweet. He's just playing the game we all like to play as fans of our favorite college football team. As the old saying goes, "I'm a fan of my team and whoever is playing the team I dislike the most" in Tomasco's case as an Aggie, it's gotta be the Longhorns.

Chris Spalton via
Chris Spalton via

By the way, I can't confirm this but I think the above picture is of former Texas player Ricky Williams from back in his college days. He is on "grass" and his hair is in his eyes but I could be mistaken, if I am, I apologize.

Las Vegas likes Alabama to win by at least two touchdowns. I wouldn't be surprised if that margin of victory is even greater. But, on the off chance Texas comes to play and Alabama is still on an emotional high following their "nailbiting" win over Utah State, the Tide won 55-0, then Tomasco could be in for some stormy comebacks to his epic Tweet.

This just might be the "welcome to the SEC" call that fans of the greatest football conference in the country have been wanting to deliver to Texas since it was announced the Longhorns were stepping up to play big boy football in July of 2025.

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