In today's edition of 'Tha Wire,' is B. Howard actually Michael Jackson's son, or nah? Rick Ross finally talks about being a correctional officer, and T.I. release's his long-awaited documentary. Find out more as Big Boy Chill fills in for Gina Cook again today inside 'Tha Wire.'

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UPDATE 1:02 p.m. -- According to TMZ, the B. Howard DNA test results, are BOUGUS! Read more:

12:50 p.m. -- According to 31-year-old dancer and singer Brandon Howard, he is the son of the late Michael Jackson.

Howard who does bare a resemblance to MJ, is the son of late 80’s, early 90’s R&B/Jazz singer Miki Howard, most known for her songs ‘Baby Be Mine, Come Share My Love,’ and ‘Love Under New Management.’

It's speculated that Michael Jackson's 1983 record 'Billie Jean' (recorded in 1982), is actually about B. Howard. The time does add up folks. I'm just saying. Watch the video below and be the judge.

On yesterday (March 6th) according to NY Daily News, today DNA results would be released. Now today (March 7th) according to TMZthe test results are in, and there is a 99.9% chance that Brandon Howard is Michael Jackson’s son. But Brandon’s now saying he had nothing to do with this DNA testing.

Watch the video below as B. Howard explains his non-involvement in the DNA results.

Even in his grave Michael's life is still a circus of controversy. Do you believe this is MJ's son, or not? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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Rapper Rick Ross has finally opened up about his past career as a correctional officer.

In regards to the song 'Rich is Gangsta' from his latest album 'Mastermind,' the Dade Country rapper admitted to MTV RapFix host Sway, that the song is about him being a former correction's officer.

In the song Ross blames federal agents breaking up his operation as the reason he became a correctional officer.

'Feds tore apart the squad, n*gga'

'That’s why I had to play the part, n*gga'

'That wasn’t me, it was a job, n*gga'

'It gets deeper, that was just a start, n*gga'

According to Rozay,

'Right now, to feed my family, I’d do it again. Yeah, yeah, to feed my kids, I’d go get it. We gonna go get it. My whole team gonna go get it.'

Watch the video below to find out what else Rick Ross had to say:


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On yesterday (March 6th), T.I. released his much anticipated documentary, 'Beyond the Trail.' The documentary chronicles some of the hardships he's faced in his life.

The hour long documentary which was originally scheduled for release in 2011, contains never before seen footage of T.I.

Watch the full version of 'Beyond the Trail' below.