This past Friday I received some of the best news ever. I have been in the Lake Charles area since 2001, and this is basically my second home. My sole purpose in moving here was to program this radio station. Now for those who weren't here from the beginning, let me give you a little history.

107 Jamz was originally called V107.5, this station played old school, blues and r&b. As a matter of fact when I first arrived here, I introduced the "Back Yard Blues Party" which featured artist like Mel Waiters, Big Robb,  Floyd Taylor and so many more. The station was well received by many of the listeners in the area, but due to management at the time, they decided to change formats in 2004.

This would be the introduction of 107 Jamz, the focus was to play hip hop and r&b and be the it spot when it came to being the party station in the area. Well during this time there has been plenty of competition in the area and plenty of obstacles that we have had to overcome. So when the news came Friday that 107 Jamz was the number one most listened to radio station in Lake Charles. The entire staff had more then enough reasons to celebrate. You can ask anyone in radio and realize that this is not an easy feat to accomplish. You must have a strong team and loyal listeners which we have thanks to you.

This is also something that is not to be taken lightly and the work is only beginning. I want to personally thank all of our listeners, whom we like to call our family. I would also like to thank the entire 107 Jamz staff, management, sales and engineering for keeping us on the air and in peoples ears. There are more big things coming soon and we invite you to keep listening in for more details from The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.

107 Jamz

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