The wonderful thing about my job is being able to meet great people and listening to great music. Earlier this year, I got to meet a power mover in the Lake Charles area. She is a well known name in the modeling industry. She hails from New Orleans but calls Lake Charles home now. You may have heard the name Julie Branden as she has helped transform many to stardom.

Today, she came by and brought a new friend to the family. They call her the runway coach, but her name is Mandy Dyonne Lieveld. She is originally from Amsterdam, and currently resides in New York.

We had a nice discussion today about the modeling world and diversity in it. She gave a couple of tricks of the trade and really shed some insight on things about the industry that I was unaware of.

We also talked about how she's enjoyed the great food here and the Louisiana culture that is, bar none, like nobody else. Follow this young lady to see where she is going next, and also follow Julie Branden for more great events to come to the area.

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