Well, over the weekend, my wife and I, along with extended family, took our son off to college. While we knew this day would come, I have to admit it was still a little bittersweet. This is our only son and, honestly, our only child. So, seeing that he is now officially joining the ranks of so many others who have decided to pursue a further education is a little sad.

I can still remember when we first moved here to Lake Charles, my son Kameron was only three years old. Being from Mississippi originally, he still holds true to those roots. But a lot of the friends that he is still cool with to this day have been made here. He is going to be majoring in Digital Arts, and I am more than sure that he will take it even further. He has a serious love for video games and designs, so this could be the next phase in his life. While he was at home he would of course spend time with his friends, but we always knew that he was coming home, and knew when he did. He always stuck his head in the door to say, "I'm home."

When we left Houston on the way back, it was a little surreal and, although several parents go through this, it was my first time. I am very happy that he is moving on to this phase of his life, and I know that he will do well. And, being a parent, I am going to support his moves and try to make sure he gets accomplished what he wants. I will miss him, and I know he will be in and out of town periodically, but it's still not the same. But I am more than proud of him and his desire to work on a life for his future and potentially family's future down the line. That's my son, and I love him more than he knows, and I can't wait to see him some time soon.