One of my favorite shows to watch when I got out of school was 106 & Park with AJ and Free. This was one of the shows where we got to check out some of the hottest videos that were out at the time. I remember when they had some friction going on with the show and Free left the show.

Another very memorable moment was when AJ was on the couch and had a conversation with Free and they announced that they were leaving the show. For me it felt like we were losing something that was apart of us. They eventually carried on the show with other host, but it was not the same. AJ left and started to work for "Extra" and Free did a little rapping here and there and also got on the radio in LA for  a minute. Now we fast forward to today and AJ Calloway stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about what he has been doing lately.


It's great to see what AJ has been doing and who knows what he may be working on in the very near future. It's also great to see that he is still very involved in things going in the music industry and It would be great if he could be involved in a return of 106 & Park in the near future or possibly helping to resurrect BET.

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