Gas prices can always be cheaper.  Right?  I came across a GasBuddy analysis/list that actually tracks what days of the week you can get the cheapest gas. Those days may surprise you.

Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Who doesn't want to know, what day of the week they could buy the cheapest gas?  I drive a full size SUV, I have a son in college playing baseball and a daughter in school and dance.  So my family is always on the go and cheap gas is always something I'm looking for.
If your like me, you already have the gasbuddy phone app, but this list goes a step further because it tells you the best days to buy the cheapest gas state-by-state.  So, here's to busy parents, commuters and travelers everywhere.  This gasbuddy list is for you!
What blew me away, is that most states sell the cheapest gas on the weekends. I found that to be surprising, because most people travel during that time, including myself. However armed with this new info instead of gassing up on Friday, I will now do so on Saturdays when here at home and refer to this handy list whenever I leave the state.