Recently the crew for MSNBC'S The Morning Joe made some very insensitve remarks about hip hop and the relationship they feel that it has with racial tensions. This was all started from the video that popped up from the University of Oklahoma's SAE Fraternity. Waka Flaka Flame has cancelled an appearance and there have been a few others who have shown that it was done in bad taste. Jon Stewart stepped up to the plate to roast the host from the show.


The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Roast The Morning Joe Crew:

Jon Stewart is my guy and for anyone to possibly think that this is a joke or want to blame it on any forms of music should rethink things. I have been a hip hop fan for my entire life and still love the essence of it. While some of the music may not be what it was to blame it for race or any other form of ignorance is just that ignorant.

I love when Jon makes a mockery but still targets those who tend to want to place themselves above the rest and look down on others. The fraternity did what they did in poor taste and regardless of what some may say. Sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut. I am sure they will say that there was no ill intent with what was said, but it's simply to late and how many times can you apologize for the same thing and be forgiven. What is your take on the situation and the above video?

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