The Ethel Precht Hope Breast Cancer Walk in Lake Charles has become a staple in the area. It takes place this weekend at the Lake Charles Civic Center, Saturday, October 21, 2023.

Mrs. Precht was beloved by everyone in the community and gave her all each year to help women fighting breast cancer in Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes. A cancer survivor herself, she knew the challenges, the expense, and the loss of breast cancer all too well. Me and the guys would go every year.

Erik Tee, Big Boy Chill, Me and Emily at the Ethel Precht Breast Cancer Walk 2014
Erik Tee, Big Boy Chill, Me, and Emily at the Ethel Precht Breast Cancer Walk 2014

She was a special friend and I miss her dearly. However, her legacy lives on with the annual walk that she began nearly 20 years ago in 2004.  Four years later, thanks to community support, Mrs. Ethel was able to launch the Ethel Precht HOPE Breast Cancer Foundation, Incorporated a non-profit charity that helps ease the financial burden of treatment, transportation issues, prostheses, and other support-related resources to breast cancer patients in both Parishes.

Each year, via her foundation, 100% of proceeds go directly to individuals in the Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes who are going through breast cancer treatment. Today, we carry the torch for her and now walk in her memory as well as those loved ones we lost to this dreadful disease. We are on a mission to eradicate breast cancer, and we won't stop until we do! Join the fight tomorrow. Below is more info about the annual Ethel Precht Hope Breast Cancer Walk.

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