It looks like the flame may not be out yet when it comes to the marriage of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. She was at the Lakers game last night and well you can see for yourself !Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have gone through alot since they have been married. Of course there is the rumor that Kobe and his father fell out due to the fact that they didn't believe he should have married her, and lets not forget the infamous situation in Colorado where he lost every endorsement known to man. Well of lately Vanessa had just filed for divorce because of more rumored dealings of Kobe living on the wild side, but at last nights game, things seemed a little different. Check out this picture here!



I really don't have a take on the matter, but hopefully he can get his self together if this is even an apparent reconciliation of their marriage. What do you think about this? Should she take him back again?


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