Once it happens on live television, you are never safe from the internet and this is evident with the recent fall that Shaquille O' Neal recently had. I will admit when I first saw it, I thought there is no way that this guy would fall like this on live television, but believe it. It happened and man the fall was heard around the world.

Obviously after it happened Twitter and social media blew up with various reactions to the fall that every sports fan witnessed. Shaq couldn't help but laugh and basically be the but of the jokes. While being one of the most known players of the game Shaq has always been a trooper when it came to the jokes, but man. This clip was to funny and the internet went wild.

The Internet Trolls Shaquille O' Neal:

I was talking with someone recently and we talked about how before social media, you could get away with a couple of things. Well that is a thing of the past and all I can say is these days you have to be careful. The camera is always on and whether it compliments you or hurts you is dependent on how you play yourself out.

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