We have been talking a lot about the latest mandate to wear masks due to the coronavirus. While there are still many people who are not comfortable wearing masks, there are also many who flat-out refuse to wear masks even though they have been giving ample reasons of why they are important.

Well, with the 107 Jamz listeners, they always represent. When we posed a question on Facebook about wearing masks, our listeners came out in droves with their masks. One thing about our family is if we are going to have to wear a mask, we are going to look good doing it.

Check out some of the photo entries that we received from our post.

107 Jamz Listeners Wearing Face Masks

Check out the full post and other entries.

I can not say enough that I want all of us to be safe and that can be started by us all wearing masks when mandated. As I had to explain to a friend of mine a week ago, it's not telling you to sit in your car with a mask on or in your house all day. All it's saying is that we need to wear a mask when we are going into a business to protect others from ourselves. Let's do our part and keep it positive. Also, keep in mind we can look good wearing our masks, as well.

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