Today in Tha Wire a brief altercation, that allegedly turned physical took place between the Migos and reggae star Sean Kingston in Vegas yesterday.  According to reports the two crews got into it over a beef, Quavo had with Soulja Boy last year.  The whole misunderstanding went down at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in front of fans.

The whole issue between Quavo and Soulja was pretty dumb.  It was supposedly started when Quavo distanced himself from the Crank That rapper, to back Soulja's enemy Lil Yachty.   Their beef only escalated from there, when Soulja took to social media calling Quavo fake, saying he doesn't mess with people that don't keep it "100."  Then Soulja went a step forward recording a diss track about the Migos rapper and texting threats of violence next time they met up.  Not really sure how Kingston got involved in all the drama, other than the fact that he and Soulja Boy were friends.

Needless to say everything came to a head yesterday when the Migos, Kingston and his crew met up at the same event.  At first things looked like they would turn out good, as the two groups mingled with one another and fans.  Peep the video below.

The kumbaya was short lived and later that afternoon the two crews went from an augment, to a fist fight.  TMZ reports Kingston was getting a beatdown, when someone who was with him pulled a gun a shot into the air.  The scuffle came to a halt and they all scattered at the sound of sirens coming their way.

By the time law enforcement arrived on the scene everyone was gone, but police caught up to Kingston and his crew down the road. They stopped the singer and handcuffed him, and the shooter  on the side of the road. Kingston was questioned and was “semi-cooperative,” but didn't name anybody.  A short time later, he was released and his crew were free to go. Check out the TMZ video below of them being questioned on the side of the road.


Like I said the whole this is stupid and luckily for them, no charges have been filed. It's being reported that police wanna talk to the Migos, but they aren't “wanted.”  By the way, Kingston has uploaded a few videos to deny claims, he'd got jumped.  See what he has to say below.

Well that's all we have for now.  I will keep you posted with any further details.  Of course for all things entertainment tune into Tha Wire to stay in the know and only on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.


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