There are two contact sports that are played very well in the state of Louisiana. One of them is college football. The other is politics. It was the perfect storm of politics and football that came together last Saturday night in Baton Rouge when LSU announced that embattled and highly successful head football coach, Les Miles, would be allowed to remain in that position for at least another season.

Cody Worsham who is editor of Tiger Rag told the Louisiana Radio Network that Miles went into the game Saturday night against Texas A&M not knowing his job status.

He said after the game that he didn't find out until immediately after the game. There was a meeting in Les Miles office after LSU beat A&M 19-7 and that's when he found out.

According to many reports the decision to retain Miles was actually made after halftime of the game. According to many other reports football was only one of the factors involved in keeping Miles at LSU.  The buyout for Miles contract was going to be costly in many different ways. It would be $15-million in cash and the bad publicity from talk of Miles' dismissal was already being heatedly discussed around the country.

Voters and decision makers wouldn't care if that money came from private sources or public sources.It's the perception that matters.

There are many close to the LSU program that feel that Coach Miles is still standing on shaky ground because the decision to keep him in that job was not made for football reasons but for political reasons. Of course beating Alabama next year would take care of almost all of those issues .

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