In December 2006, the music world lost a musical icon in the households of all of those who truly loved r&b music. The artist is from the Levert family and goes by the name of Gerald Levert, they called him the velvet teddybear and in 2006 Gerald life was cut short. Ironically he was in the process along with former band mate Marc Gordon and brother to reunite with younger brother Sean to reignite the flame. Unfortunately less then 2 years later Sean passed away and many wondered what would be next of the Levert legacy.Fast forward to 2011 and Marc Gordon, the last sole member of the trio known as Levert went back in the studio and worked on what was suppose to be the album after Gerald Died. Although this was hard to do and there were naysayers and critics against this, with the blessings of Gerald and Seans father and member of The O' Jays, Marc continued on. He brought in another member by the name of Blaq Rose, who is also an established writer and producer and with those hard working ethics "Dedication" was born. I had the pleasure of speaking with Marc and we discussed the passing of two key playas in the group Levert and talked about the future of the newly formed Levert 2.!


Check out their new video "Hey Love" props to Marc an Blaq and the entire Levert clan. If you get the curiousity on the new sound of Levert 2, make sure you go and pick up the release as it is available everywhere. Also keep listening to 107 for your chance to score your own copy.

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