I was at home and listening to Gerald Levert and it got me to thinking about how he doesn't get the credit that I feel he deserves. He's been a great influence on the music scene and has worked with artist like Barry White, Tamia, Keith Sweat and more.

He also was one of the first R&B artist to infuse hip hop into his sound with "Just Coolin'' featuring Heavy D back in the late 80's. When people bring up the argument of The King Of R&B, I can't help but to want to put his name in the hat as well. He released more albums and joint projects in his short time here on earth them some of your favorite artist today.

I remember seeing him live in concert in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He was performing at the Silverstar Casino there and he had the crowd going crazy. I remember ladies standing in the front row screaming his name and singing along with all of his hits like "Baby Hold On To Me", Casanova, "School Me"and so much more. He along with his brother Sean and friend Marc Gordon kicked the door down with soulful hits in the eighties through the nineties and beyond.

He introduced us to groups like Men At Large and The Rude Boys and 1 of  the Girls. He never really got the just do on the radio and because of his mature sound. He was often cast our with some of the elders like Freddie Jackson and Luther Vandross when he was in his thirties. He passed away at the age of 40 years old with fourteen albums under his belt including 4 released after his death. He also released 7 albums with the group Levert and 2 under the moniker LSG along with friends Johnny Gill and Keith Sweat.

He did receive plenty awards including a Grammy after his death in 2008 for "In My Songs" but I feel like it was to late for all of the work that he had done in the industry.

So while I have never met him personally or even spoken with him. I have been a fan for years and would just like to give him his acknowledgement for the work that he has done. I would love to see a movie on the silver screen soon as he was truly impactful on the culture of Urban and Hip Hop music. Check out some of my favorite songs from Gerald Lever from back in the day.

Gerald Levert- "Baby Hold On To Me":

Gerald Levert- "I'd Give Anything":

Gerald Levert- "Funny":


Gerald Levert- "Taking Everything":


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