Corey Miller AKA C-Murder has been in jail since 2002 for the murder of 16-year old Steven Thomas.  However, ever since his conviction the case has re-tried twice.


Mainly because of unlawful practices on behalf of the prosecution and juror intimidation.  In 2006 the verdict was overturned on appeal because prosecutors expunged the criminal records of their witnesses so they would look on the stand.  Then in 2009 a juror in the case came forward and claimed she only voted guilty because she was brutally pressured by other jurors and the judge over the case.

Now, the New Orleans Supreme Court will decide his fate.  Found out when and what that means for the rapper and his time at Angola.

In other news, earlier this week Lil Wayne sat down with MTV's Sway Calloway to discuss everything from his career to his recent seizures.  Here's some of that interview:

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Get more details about his new album and what he has to say about new business opportunities below with Tha Wire.  If your a Snoop Lion fan, then you know he's made a lot of changes this year.  Starting with his name.  Other changes was Snoop's venture in Reggae.  His new album Reincarnated comes with a documentary and here's more details about both:

That's not all he's up to.  Now comes word he's getting ready to invest in a championship sports team.  Get all the details now with Tha Wire.  Press play now:

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