While I have never had the chance to see the Universoul Circus. I have never heard a negative thing about the showcase and its performers. They have had plenty of people to attend and have always come back with a great report of how good it is for the entire family. The kids love it as they are more then infatuated with the tricks, illusions and other great things to be a part of.

Here they are talking with The Breakfast Club about the status of the Universoul Circus and why their not as popular as they once were before. Also if you stick around till the end, you'll get to check out some of the great features inside the clip.


The Breakfast Club Talks To The Universoul Circus:

If they are any where close to Lake Charles and time permits, you should be in the house for this show. I am more then sure, you will not have a disappointed bone in the house.

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