When it comes to weather in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana, we always pride ourselves and being at the forefront of the coverage as far as media goes. I have to give major shouts out to our sister station in television, but when it comes to have a variety of your favorite music and still getting the information that you need. I think we do a pretty good job of that.

This week Tropical Storm Cindy invaded the Gulf Coast and while we didn't know what to expect, we are always on the job to make sure that the coverage is there for the listeners. One thing I have found out since being here in Lake Charles is we flood and not just a little. There are parts of the city that are literally under water and cars and homes become a casualty because of the water damage. On the bright side for us here, we got a visit from Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel. This usually means you in for a bad one when he comes to town, but it wasn't so bad this time around. I also got the chance to meet him Jim and although the line was long. He still took the time to greet and speak with all who came by. Check out some of my pics from today.


Check out Jim Cantore's Top 5 Moments at The Weather Channel, I'm sure you get a giggle or two while watching it.


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