Canada is on Fire these days with artists like Justin Beiber, Drake and now The Weekend the country is truly making it's mark in Pop and Hip-Hop music.

The Weekend-facebook

No one knew who he was until he sang the hook on Drake's "Crew Love", but now The Weekend is holding his own torch and today released "The Trilogy".  Listen to Tha Wire below for all the details on his new LP.  In the meantime, check out his latest videos "Wicked Games" and "The Zone" feat. Drake.


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A few months back Snoop Dogg shocked fans by announcing that he was changing his name to Snoop Lion after making several visits to Jamaica.  Snoop's visit to the country not only inspired him to change his name but moved to record an entire Reggae album, "Reincarnated". Snoop said he was deeply moved by Jamaica's poverty and because of that decided to do something about.  Get the scoop on what Snoop is doing and with who below with Tha Wire.

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In more music news, speaking of rappers doing giving back MC Hammer is reppin his city once again.  It's no secret the rap legend is from Oakland, California.  At the height of his career he made sure everybody knew it.  He gave a shout out to his city in almost all of his songs.  One things for sure, there's nothing wrong with having love for where you come from and if anyone one could tell you why you should visit Oakland, MC Hammer can.

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