It's been six years since Toys "R" Us closed its doors. After years of financial struggles, store closures, and filing bankruptcy, the famous toy retailer closed its stand-alone stores permanently in 2017.

Now under new ownership, Yehuda Shmidman, Chairman and CEO of WHP Global, says they are planning an epic comeback!

Toys “R” Us is not only planning a comeback but has entered into a partnership with GO! Retail Group to open flagship stores around the country! The retail giant reopened in 2022 starting small with 452 pop-up shows at Macy’s stores nationwide.

The famous toy chain opened a 20,000 sq ft store in New Jersey at American Dream. Next year Toys "R" Us will expand its retail footprint by more than 50% to include cruise ships and airports. Shmidman promised,

“The Toys”R”Us brand is growing fast and our expansion into air, land and sea is a testament to the brand’s strength.”

According to a press release this week, the toy giant is putting a new store in the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport at Terminal A and it should be open by this November. Since being under new management, Toys "R" Us has more the 1,400 new stores in Dubai, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and India. There are also plans in the works to make e-commerce websites available in 31 countries by 2024.

The new CEO went on to say that as, "We head into 2024, and we are excited to bring Toys” R” Us to consumers everywhere, whether you’re visiting one of our stores at Macy’s, at our flagships, in an airport, or onboard a cruise ship.” I hope they have plans to reopen a store here in SWLA because we sure need one.

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