For the third time, the five million votes cast in Georgia during the 2020 Presidential Election proclaim former Vice President Joe Biden won the state. This morning's preliminary numbers come from the machine recount. Ballots from all 159 Georgia counties reveal Biden beat Trump by 11,779 votes. Once the count is officially approved by Georgia Secretary of State and election officials, the state will certify Biden winner of the Peach State's electoral votes.

The second recount came out to be 900 more votes at 12,670 in Biden's favor. However, that was a hand count last month. So, they ran the ballots through the scanners again to reconfirm the numbers. For more info about the Georgia recount and what happens next, see the official Secretary of State website.

Will this end Trump's relentless efforts to overturn his epic loss in the 2020 election? Probably not.

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