As I was working out this morning, I received a notice that I-10 in both directions near the Calcasieu River Bridge between Lake Charles and Westlake had been shut down due to a situation at the Oasis motel. Once I read more into it, I realized it was due to a shooting at the motel and they were trying to assess the situation.

What I saw on my way to work this morning was that we simply can't have a situation where traffic flowing is halted. Not even for a few minutes. There were two of my coworkers who had to literally park several miles away and walk to work this morning because of the roads leading to the station being blocked. There was traffic being detoured in several different directions, but no one was able to go through in either one. It's a shame that our city is growing but there is still a small town mentality when it comes to certain things. Not having alternatives for traffic on the interstate when accidents, stalled vehicles, or police situations take place should not be in the small-minded category.

I am simply a radio guy, so all of the answers I do not have. What I do know is this is a regular occurrence over here at the radio station. There are not too many weeks when traffic isn't backed up for hours at a time at least twice. This morning was ridiculous, as it was over five hours before things were reopened for traffic to pass through.

I understand what was at hand and the safety of those within the vicinity, but there needs to be a resolution to the bridge and how more and more people utilize it daily. This is not just for Lake Charles traffic, so those in decision making positions need to keep this in mind when this subject is brought to the table.

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