This past weekend was the annual Black Heritage Festival with plenty of fun and festivities for everyone to enjoy. I remember when I first moved here in 2001 the Black Heritage Festival was the event to attend with music from well known celebrities and local vendors who supplied us all with great food and items to purchase.

This past Saturday I was inducted into the Black Heritage Festivals Hall Of Fame along with a few of my industry friends like Jarvis Jacobs and Sean Ardoin. It was an honor as we were given our flowers while we could smell them in what was truly a great event amongst our peers.

I would like to thank the board members and all staff from the Black Heritage Festival as well as those who played a part of nominating us for the event. Make sure when it comes back around for next year to be in attendance and truly patronize those who are there selling their product. I truly believe that once you attend, you'll want to go every year after.

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