When I first saw this viral clip hit online, I literally had water in my eyes after seeing it. There was this young black kid who was singing his heart out about wanting to live. The song obviously resonated with several people all over the world. It made him a social media celebrity with appearances on talk shows and it also caught the eye of music producer Dem Jointz, who has worked with Dr. Dre and more.

This young man's name is Keedron Bryant and the song is called I Just Wanna Live. It was written by his mother who, after seeing multiple killings repeated, had just had enough. She wanted to write what she was feeling on paper and have her son sing it, and man does it tug at your heart. The official video for the song was dropped a day ago, and I want you to take this time to check it out and see if you don't get goosebumps like I did.

We have a proble,  and while I address it a lot, we still haven't gotten justice for people like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and for that matter, Trayvon Martin. This world is supposed to be big enough for all of us to exist and even more than that, we are all supposed to live under the same rules. However, those rules tend to lean more in favor of others and not for my black peers. I have a 22-year-old, and I am blessed he actually made it to see this age. There are so many other parents who have lost their kids just out of their prime. Take this song with you and let it resonate with your soul. If there is any love and compassion at all in your heart, you'll help fight for a better life for our youth and young men and women.

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