One day you're here and the next day you're gone. Those words are so true and they are coming out even more now then ever. I am sure that the last time that Tiffany Crutcher talked to her brother Terence. She didn't think this would be the last time they would speak. That's exactly what happened when Terence was killed over the weekend for no reason at all.

Tiffany was asked what her brother was like and also to give her thoughts on what she would like to see done to the officer who killed him. Check out the clip below as she goes in detail about Terance Crutcher's aspirations in life after just turning 40 in August.


Tiffany Crutcher speaks out on the death of brother Terance Crutcher:

No person should have to die before their time. And even more then that no one should lose their lives when they are doing absolutely nothing wrong. This man had a stalled vehicle on the road and this would lead to his murder. They have now come out and say that they found PCP in his vehicle, which I would think that this would have came out the day all of this happened and not three or so days later. We need justice and we have to demand it.