I did a post earlier where I talked about feeling like life is repeating itself over and over due to more police violence on African Americans. But I truly feel like it needed to be said and maybe soon some will get the message about what is going on. Charlamagne The God came through with the Donkey Of The Day and gave it to Officer Betty Shelby for shooting Terence Crutcher and also for Officer Tyler Turnbough for using the taser on Terence.

This is becoming old and Charlamagne and the rest of the Breakfast Club really touched on some very valid points which we all should know. This is heart wrenching to hear and it's got to be even worse to think about his family having to live without their father, brother and son. Check out the clip from Charlamagne The God as he rightfully drops a Donkey Of The Day on two individuals.

Charlamagne The God Gives Donkey Of The Day To Officer Betty Shelby And Officer Tyler Turnbough:

What can be done and when will it stop? I love the country that I live in and love the freedom of expression, religion and other luxury's that I have. But what can be done to make this stop? Anyone who condones this type of behavior should get the lifetime Donkey Of The Day, because this has to stop and I am tired of this happening on a regular basis to people who look like me.