Tiny opened up about her marriage troubles during a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. The Xscape singer spoke about her relationship with T.I. and explained why there's been a fissure in the marriage. “We just cannot keep it together,” she said. “I guess it’s just the entertainment life and everything. It’s just a lot. It is a fast life. They call him a sex symbol, I guess.”

She blamed their reality show for putting a strain on the marriage. "I think reality TV did put a little strain in it, just because it keeps people in your business," Tiny said around the 2:19 mark of the interview. "I felt like it's a family show, it would be cool, but everything turns out to be in the media."

Williams quickly broached the topic of Bernice Burgos, who is rumored to be dating T.I. After listening to Tiny describe Burgos' situation with T.I., Williams asked the reality star if she and her husband had an open marriage. Tiny said no, but seemed to admit the two were not monogamous.

"No, we don't have anything," she said. "It's not an agreement. We just were married, and we did what we wanted to do."

Later on, Tiny spoke about Burgos in greater detail. She attempted to clarify the depths of Burgos' relationship with T.I. and explained why she began having issues with the model.

"He's not even with her, first of all," Tiny said around the 4:47 mark. "She had nothing to do with whatever was going on with us before anyway. We were already going through whatever we're going through. She just came in the picture after I filed for a divorce. And the only problem I had with her was... I said what I said. Somebody made a comment about her on my page. I said what I said. She replied. That's cool, but then you come back with another video speaking on my marriage, which is a no-no. Then you come back with the final video singing my song, and I'm feeling like, okay, you keep coming."

Watch Williams' entire interview with Tiny below.

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