If anybody knows something it's TMZ, there always up on the latest news.  Today their reporting that Kanye West is currently negotiating with the suits at American Idol on becoming a judge on the show.

This is getting crazy and certainly building a lot of hype around the upcoming American Idol season 12 premiere.  Rumors have been running ramped about everyone from Diddy to Nicki Minaj to Pharrell Williams joining the show.  There's also word that Idol is looking at Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Enrique Iglesias and possible looking to add a 4th judge.

Now, sources close to the production are telling the folks at TMZ, that Idol is trying to get Kanye West interested in being a judge. I must say....it would be extremely interesting if he decides to do it.  Now to make this perfectly clear, even if Idol has reached out to Ye, that doesn't mean he's going to do the show.

There's no telling how much they offered him, but I'm sure it at least matches the $18 million their paying Mariah.  I wouldn't be surprised if they offered him a little more either.   Kanye would definitely be a ratings booster that's for sure.  Of course, Kanye's camp keeping things on the D-L for now.

So, the wait is on.