What is tha deal?  Whatever happened to "keep your hands to yourself?"  It seems like every time you turn around another "male" celebrity is being charged with domestic violence.  It's crazy!  Well, the latest celeb to bite the dust is ......surprisingly enough, ol' skool rapper/actor Tone Loc.  Tone plead guilty Thursday, July 14 to two felonies in a domestic violence case.  He was arrested sometime last month in Burbank, Calif., after an altercation took place with the mother of his child at an apartment complex.

It's unclear as to who called the police or what actually happened.  However,  according to police reports, they found an unregistered AR-15 assault rifle in the apartment during the course of the official investigation. Damn.

As a result, Tone Loc was arrested and charged with assaulting his child's mother and possessing a unregistered military-grade assault rifle.

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